Samba the fisherman and Penda the pelican meet in the hustle and bustle of the port of Saint-Louis in Senegal. The help that the bird will offer Samba will allow it to develop its fishing activity. Until the day when, fish becoming scarce because of the presence of large trawlers and overfishing, Samba will think of leaving for seas and lands where it is possible to earn a living … easily, according to this what others say …

Aimed at children, this musical tale gently and hopefully approaches the themes of the depletion of natural resources and economic emigration.

Monsieur Pierre and Khadim Tall, singer-songwriters, wrote this story in French and Wolof in order to reach children from here and elsewhere.

Our collaboration began at the end of 2020 and led me to go to a residence in Saint-Louis to soak up the places and be able to illustrate the story fairly.

In progress